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Spy Kids 1 (2001) - Plot Summary

spy kids 1 Never send a grownup to do a kids job. Spy Kids, real spies... Only smaller!

Between Driving the Kids to school and putting them to Bed, no one would ever guess that Mum and Dad are the world’s top secret agents. Gregorio (Antonio Barderas) & Ingrid (Carla Gugino) Cortez get taken capture and the only people that can save them are their kids. Now equipped with hi-tech spy gadgets Carmen (Alexa Vega) & Juni (Daryle Sabara) are on a mission to stop an evil genius, rescue their parents and save the world.

Spy Kids 2 (2002) - The Island of Lost Dreams - Plot Summary

spy kids 2 A Huge New Adventure for Slightly Larger Spies

The threat has never been greater, the stakes have never been higher and the world’s best defence has never been hungrier. They’ve got all the latest technology, but when a top secret device is stolen and the mad scientist threatens the world, this is one mission they’re not going to miss. Get ready to see gadgets so amazing, creatures so astounding and a mission so big they’ll have to bring the whole family, including their Grandfather and Grandmother!

Spy Kids 3-D - Game Over (2003) - Plot Summary

spy kids 3-D 3rd Mission, 3rd Dimension

Juni’s sister Carmen has been trapped inside a virtual reality 3-D video game. He has to enter this virtual world of the game and has only 12 hours to find her or is game over for everyone. The game is run by a madman known as the Toymaker. Juni brings his Grandfather into the game to help him get through the levels. Experience the excitement in become part of the movie in 3-D


Spy Kids 4 - All The Time In The World (2011) - Plot Summary

spy kids 4 Saving The World Is Their Idea of Family Time

The Wilsons are like every modern family with everyday problems, but what was supposed to be a special gift holds the key to a madman’s evil plan to stop time and end the world and will uncover their step mum’s (Jessica Alba) secret identity.

Now the greatest spies of our time need help. The Spy Kids, Carmen & Juni Cortez put their problems to one side to help the Wilsons in their quest to save the world.

When time stops the adventure begins. The smaller the spy, the bigger the hero!